Friday, August 24, 2012


Mantyhose, also known as guylons or Brosiery, are potentially one of the weirdest fashion trends yet.  As it turns out, this has been a growing tend in men since 2009 particularly in France, Scandanavia, Germany and Canada. 

I really dont know what to say about this...on one hand, it seems like, regardless of how bizzarre it seems now, once people get used to seeing it, it will just seem normal, but then on the other hand, it does seem ridiculously feminine (particularly the patterned pairs) and I dont really understand the point.  It seems like in a lot of places, even skinny jeans on men are debatable, so I'm not sure how these will fit.  It also seems like Mantyhose are just calling for men to wear womens clothes...  Either, they wear them undershorts (which will have to be short otherwise it will just look like thermals), with some kind of mens skirt/dress/long top or they are worn...ON THEIR OWN!!!  I struggle to grasp girls wearing just tights, let alone boys...we'll have to wait and see.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pirates vs Ninjas vs Cowboys

This is a big topic to cover. 3 very different characters, (I say characters but we all know they're real), fighting for the title of...well, winner. As I'm writing this, I have no idea whose side I'm on. So, I'll just put thoughts to paper using magical virtual ink and hope I come to a conclusion by the end.

I'll start with Pirates.
These swash buckling heroes have the outlook of the ultimate good outweighs the bad. This involves them stealing barrels of random pirate stuff (who knows), attempting to avoid scurvy, sending fat sailors to walk the plank and invading neighbouring ships. Just a normal day. I reckon this lot answer to no one (not even their mothers...they were probably forced to walk the plank a long time ago), and abide by their own rules which is basically do what the captain says.

Pirates just know they are the most awesome of the lot, I've got to say. They exude confidence and swagger walk all over the high seas. Note to self: never get into an argument with a pirate. Not when they're holding the sword.
Downside? Getting sea legs from never having to yell "land ahoy!" and looking like you just crawled out of the Dead Sea (which is probably clean).

Next, the       . (See what I did there?.....they're invisible....)

Ninjas are just way to cool for school (apart from their secret Ninja Academy. I'm still looking for it). Not only can they disappear at will but can also wear black all the time without being bagged by their mothers - an added perk of the job. They have fierce weapons, including swords which is the only common factor between them and pirates, and are so shrouded in mystery even ninjas don't know they exist.

I think that looking at this objectively, ninjas would beat out pirates any day. However I think at heart, I'm a pirate girl. I'm conflicted. The ninjas are getting to my head. On with the show!

Last but not least, Cowboys.

Cowboys are contenders because they speak with wicked cool language (howdy partner!), ride horses all day and roam the land with their riding buddies. Oh yeah, they get to wear cowboy hats, chaps and clothes with fringe on it. When did fringe ever go out of fashion? Never!

Cowboys are quite different to pirates and ninjas. While ninjas and pirates sometimes have to rely on their weapons, a man and a horse can do great things. Whoever said herding buffalo was easy? Cowboys don't feel the need to show off about their skills all the time (stupid ninjas!) and are much more macho. Yes, I just said the word 'macho'.

So, here we are at the end and I'm still conflicted. Technically speaking, ninjas win every contest so there should be no problem here. But I'm actually leaning towards pirates or cowboys. Pirates spend all their time on their lonesome at sea while cowboys spend all their time on their lonesome on the plains (Insert sad music here. Preferably "All by Myself"). Oh well. I think all along, I knew which way my vote would sway. I'm a Pirate Girl all the way! (Hey, that rhymes).

If anyone disagrees with me, and I'm sure practically everyone will, feel free to leave a comment below giving us your thoughts on this controversial topic :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Loo Locks

So you’re hanging at this new friend’s house for the first time. You’re a tad nervous as it’s the hyper kid from science club who can’t stop reciting the periodic table to the tune of Michael Finnigan. But never mind. You’re hanging in the laundry (as you do) bubbling chemicals for science fair when, oops a daisy, you need the loo. 

So off you trot to the toilet, walk in, turn around and go to lock the door like you have at home every day for your whole life (well, since you stopped obsessing over the potty and made some real friends at prison kindergarten). But your heart drops into your shoes as BOOM! There’s no lock. OMG, you think, what am I going to do?! (Could have used an interrobang just then). You have no choice so you drops your dacks and get it over as quickly as possible, heart pounding in ears as you stare at the door handle. Anyone could just walk in! Their Mum, Dad, siblings, dog, cat, fish, or the crazy friend themselves.

The curse of having no door handle on bathrooms doors is a First World Problem which can cause sweating, the shakes, anxiety and fainting. Who doesn’t want privacy as you empty the tank?! The number of times I have been walked in on is unbelievable and totes awkward. Imagine this: You’re having a shower when argh! Someone comes in to brush their teeth and sees you in all your glory. This could have all been avoided if bathroom door makers had spared a few minutes and dollars to put a lock on.  Another example is, say you are at a music festival and to your horror, you discover there are no locks on the portaloo doors. Think of the long lines of people waiting for the toilet, the worry of them coming in. And then bang! Some poor fellow opens the door on you with your skirt around your ankles, perching on the edge of the dirty seat and hundreds of people see you. The shame and embarrassment would be indescribable as they point and laugh.

Basically, people need to remember this: locks on loo doors are imperative for peace of mind, improves risk of heart failure and increases the quality of life.

The interrobang

The interrobang is a combination of an exclaimation mark (!) and the question mark (?) to exclaim a question. For example:  "What It was George who died‽" (Greys Anatomy).  It was created around the 60's and became briefly popular, being made into it's own key on some brands of typewriter.  This sadly was only a fad and the interrobang was soon discontinued.  For a better view: 

Re: Skittles vs M&M's

Skittles are WAY better! 

M&M's are boring. They're pretty much just chocolate with a tasteless shell on the outside.  Isn't this realy just the same as almost any chocolate you can buy?  Skittles are exciting, there is variation, colours that actualy have a taste and they last heaps longer than M&M's in the fact that they take longer to eat and thus the bag lasts longer!

When has a huge range of flavours ever been bad?  People love variation so won't get bored of Skittles as fast as M&M's.  I think you need to see eating skittles quickly as a challenge.  In relation to this netball final buisness, if you can't even eat a few skittles in a rush without choking, Im not sure how well you will do in your netball game!  Eating isnt that hard and skittles are no exception!  Be a man and show them what you've got!  Another thing, this "particular spitty juice" (which is disgusting by the way!) is probably an indication that youve got to much in your pie hole! If your dribbling eating any food, reconsider the capacity of your mouth in relation to what is going in.  You said it is "unatractive" but I'm not convinced that stuffing handfulls into your mouth is exactly elegant either.

The Colour of M&M's are in no way superior to those of Skittles. Skittles do infact come in blue which means that the only differences in colour are that Skittles have pink while M&M's have....brown. The most ungraceful of all colours.  Brown is only ever related with chocolate, wood, dirt and poo.  Although pink is girly, at least its not poo!!  Another thing is that the colour of skittles determine the flavour unlike M&M's which are just the same thing over and over, just wearing a different coloured track-suit.

Skittles sours are much more of a party in your mouth than plain old M&M's.  they have different flavours (unlike M&M's) and last longer.  THIS PARTY WILL BE GOING ALL NIGHT!

Skittles come in heaps of types including sours, tropical, smoothy, CHOCOLATE, mint, crazy cores and more.  Doesnt this prove that skittles are M&M's and more?

Finally, you said that M&M's have good ads unlike Skittles.  Personally, I hate the M&M's ads. Its like Red and Yellow are 35 year old men who are single and do nothing with their lives.  Unlike Skittles ads which are AMAZING!!  Take this as an example.

and better yet,

Bulletproof my ass!!

Skittles vs M&M's

Skittles vs M&M's. Which is better?

I almost think it goes without saying that M&M's are better but I'm not just going to say how great they are, I have a bullet proof defence lined up for them (since they can't talk).
First the good side of Skittles: I will admit that they do last longer due to their toughness. And yes, that was the only plus I could think of.

OK, now the bad side of Skittles: They come in a huge range of flavours and types while M&M's can have slight variations but don't have to change all the time to keep making money. Some people could argue that Skittles have better flavours but in my book, sickly sweet fruit flavours aren't up to the superiority of my taste buds. Next, they are chewy. And not chewy like soft toffee. I'm talking chewy like frozen Minties. How can you possibly be able to quickly chuck a couple down in a rush? Picture this, its the netball final and you have thirty seconds to spare during half time to get a sugar hit. You grab a few Skittles but alas!, you choke as you attempt to eat them too quickly. However with M&M's, with only one crunch, you can swallow several in one mouthful. This leads me to my final and most important of Skittle downfalls. When stuffing handfuls into your mouth and chewing, am I the only one who has noticed a particular spitty juice spilling out? Its unattractive and difficult to deal with! You are left with no choice but to swallow it.

Unsure if it is a plus or negative but I feel I should state the colours of Skittles which is red, pink, orange, yellow, green and purple and their inferiority to the M&M colours (blue, green, orange, yellow, red and brown) which I have found to be a stronger, more rich colour.

So now we are onto the pleasant task of listing the good and bad sides of M&M's.
So, the bad side of M&M's are that they do not last long. However this offers instant gratification to those who can't wait which is good for us. I could also say that you can suck on M&M's but you can do the same for Skittles, however, you don't get a chocolate middle.

Now on to the fun part of discussing the good points of M&M's which I purposely left for last. (A bit like dessert really).
1. M&M's have a CHOCOLATE MIDDLE. You can't get that from a Skittle! This alone would be enough to win this argument. 'Nuff said.
2. M&M's can be eaten by the handful in short spaces of time, important if you are in the half time break at your netball final. This makes them more enjoyable as its like a party in your mouth that gives you a feeling nothing else can.
3. M&M's have a hard shell that you crack off or pick at. Skittles do have a shell but it is just more hard lolly in the inside.
4. M&M's have awesome ads with funny characters. This makes them more likable and more kids will be begging for them at the supermarket. Word of mouth at kindergartens can be pretty fast.

Basically, M&M's beat Skittles by having a chocolate middle and being faster to eat with a satisfying crunch while Skittles are chewy in sweet fruit flavours that make juice run everywhere.

All summed up, M&M's is the fun little brother and Skittles is the uptight girly cousin.