Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pirates vs Ninjas vs Cowboys

This is a big topic to cover. 3 very different characters, (I say characters but we all know they're real), fighting for the title of...well, winner. As I'm writing this, I have no idea whose side I'm on. So, I'll just put thoughts to paper using magical virtual ink and hope I come to a conclusion by the end.

I'll start with Pirates.
These swash buckling heroes have the outlook of the ultimate good outweighs the bad. This involves them stealing barrels of random pirate stuff (who knows), attempting to avoid scurvy, sending fat sailors to walk the plank and invading neighbouring ships. Just a normal day. I reckon this lot answer to no one (not even their mothers...they were probably forced to walk the plank a long time ago), and abide by their own rules which is basically do what the captain says.

Pirates just know they are the most awesome of the lot, I've got to say. They exude confidence and swagger walk all over the high seas. Note to self: never get into an argument with a pirate. Not when they're holding the sword.
Downside? Getting sea legs from never having to yell "land ahoy!" and looking like you just crawled out of the Dead Sea (which is probably clean).

Next, the       . (See what I did there?.....they're invisible....)

Ninjas are just way to cool for school (apart from their secret Ninja Academy. I'm still looking for it). Not only can they disappear at will but can also wear black all the time without being bagged by their mothers - an added perk of the job. They have fierce weapons, including swords which is the only common factor between them and pirates, and are so shrouded in mystery even ninjas don't know they exist.

I think that looking at this objectively, ninjas would beat out pirates any day. However I think at heart, I'm a pirate girl. I'm conflicted. The ninjas are getting to my head. On with the show!

Last but not least, Cowboys.

Cowboys are contenders because they speak with wicked cool language (howdy partner!), ride horses all day and roam the land with their riding buddies. Oh yeah, they get to wear cowboy hats, chaps and clothes with fringe on it. When did fringe ever go out of fashion? Never!

Cowboys are quite different to pirates and ninjas. While ninjas and pirates sometimes have to rely on their weapons, a man and a horse can do great things. Whoever said herding buffalo was easy? Cowboys don't feel the need to show off about their skills all the time (stupid ninjas!) and are much more macho. Yes, I just said the word 'macho'.

So, here we are at the end and I'm still conflicted. Technically speaking, ninjas win every contest so there should be no problem here. But I'm actually leaning towards pirates or cowboys. Pirates spend all their time on their lonesome at sea while cowboys spend all their time on their lonesome on the plains (Insert sad music here. Preferably "All by Myself"). Oh well. I think all along, I knew which way my vote would sway. I'm a Pirate Girl all the way! (Hey, that rhymes).

If anyone disagrees with me, and I'm sure practically everyone will, feel free to leave a comment below giving us your thoughts on this controversial topic :)

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  1. Disagree totally! Cowboys win simply becasue of their great accents! "Sall, get the cattle in" can't be said in a pirate or ninja voice, where as phrases that a pirate would say, such as "Walk the plank" can be said in a cowboy voice and still sound cool.