Saturday, July 28, 2012

Re: Skittles vs M&M's

Skittles are WAY better! 

M&M's are boring. They're pretty much just chocolate with a tasteless shell on the outside.  Isn't this realy just the same as almost any chocolate you can buy?  Skittles are exciting, there is variation, colours that actualy have a taste and they last heaps longer than M&M's in the fact that they take longer to eat and thus the bag lasts longer!

When has a huge range of flavours ever been bad?  People love variation so won't get bored of Skittles as fast as M&M's.  I think you need to see eating skittles quickly as a challenge.  In relation to this netball final buisness, if you can't even eat a few skittles in a rush without choking, Im not sure how well you will do in your netball game!  Eating isnt that hard and skittles are no exception!  Be a man and show them what you've got!  Another thing, this "particular spitty juice" (which is disgusting by the way!) is probably an indication that youve got to much in your pie hole! If your dribbling eating any food, reconsider the capacity of your mouth in relation to what is going in.  You said it is "unatractive" but I'm not convinced that stuffing handfulls into your mouth is exactly elegant either.

The Colour of M&M's are in no way superior to those of Skittles. Skittles do infact come in blue which means that the only differences in colour are that Skittles have pink while M&M's have....brown. The most ungraceful of all colours.  Brown is only ever related with chocolate, wood, dirt and poo.  Although pink is girly, at least its not poo!!  Another thing is that the colour of skittles determine the flavour unlike M&M's which are just the same thing over and over, just wearing a different coloured track-suit.

Skittles sours are much more of a party in your mouth than plain old M&M's.  they have different flavours (unlike M&M's) and last longer.  THIS PARTY WILL BE GOING ALL NIGHT!

Skittles come in heaps of types including sours, tropical, smoothy, CHOCOLATE, mint, crazy cores and more.  Doesnt this prove that skittles are M&M's and more?

Finally, you said that M&M's have good ads unlike Skittles.  Personally, I hate the M&M's ads. Its like Red and Yellow are 35 year old men who are single and do nothing with their lives.  Unlike Skittles ads which are AMAZING!!  Take this as an example.

and better yet,

Bulletproof my ass!!


  1. My Favourite's Gouda has made some fair points. However I think this M&M's ad outshines them all.

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