Saturday, July 28, 2012

Skittles vs M&M's

Skittles vs M&M's. Which is better?

I almost think it goes without saying that M&M's are better but I'm not just going to say how great they are, I have a bullet proof defence lined up for them (since they can't talk).
First the good side of Skittles: I will admit that they do last longer due to their toughness. And yes, that was the only plus I could think of.

OK, now the bad side of Skittles: They come in a huge range of flavours and types while M&M's can have slight variations but don't have to change all the time to keep making money. Some people could argue that Skittles have better flavours but in my book, sickly sweet fruit flavours aren't up to the superiority of my taste buds. Next, they are chewy. And not chewy like soft toffee. I'm talking chewy like frozen Minties. How can you possibly be able to quickly chuck a couple down in a rush? Picture this, its the netball final and you have thirty seconds to spare during half time to get a sugar hit. You grab a few Skittles but alas!, you choke as you attempt to eat them too quickly. However with M&M's, with only one crunch, you can swallow several in one mouthful. This leads me to my final and most important of Skittle downfalls. When stuffing handfuls into your mouth and chewing, am I the only one who has noticed a particular spitty juice spilling out? Its unattractive and difficult to deal with! You are left with no choice but to swallow it.

Unsure if it is a plus or negative but I feel I should state the colours of Skittles which is red, pink, orange, yellow, green and purple and their inferiority to the M&M colours (blue, green, orange, yellow, red and brown) which I have found to be a stronger, more rich colour.

So now we are onto the pleasant task of listing the good and bad sides of M&M's.
So, the bad side of M&M's are that they do not last long. However this offers instant gratification to those who can't wait which is good for us. I could also say that you can suck on M&M's but you can do the same for Skittles, however, you don't get a chocolate middle.

Now on to the fun part of discussing the good points of M&M's which I purposely left for last. (A bit like dessert really).
1. M&M's have a CHOCOLATE MIDDLE. You can't get that from a Skittle! This alone would be enough to win this argument. 'Nuff said.
2. M&M's can be eaten by the handful in short spaces of time, important if you are in the half time break at your netball final. This makes them more enjoyable as its like a party in your mouth that gives you a feeling nothing else can.
3. M&M's have a hard shell that you crack off or pick at. Skittles do have a shell but it is just more hard lolly in the inside.
4. M&M's have awesome ads with funny characters. This makes them more likable and more kids will be begging for them at the supermarket. Word of mouth at kindergartens can be pretty fast.

Basically, M&M's beat Skittles by having a chocolate middle and being faster to eat with a satisfying crunch while Skittles are chewy in sweet fruit flavours that make juice run everywhere.

All summed up, M&M's is the fun little brother and Skittles is the uptight girly cousin.

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